yesterday’s weather today

When I turn on my tablet a window at the center of the screen displays the time, date and weather forecast. My favorite app, it is also an example of the intermittent Internet. I have gone through three levels of understanding in regard to the data displayed.
At first I assumed that the weather report was immediate and accurate. After all, the date and time were correct.
Later I noticed a discrepancy between the radio report and the temperature reading. A detailed examination of the window revealed two arrows joined to make a circle–a symbol to refresh the data. With my reading glasses on I could see the date and time of the last Internet access in the lower right corner.
When I clicked the refresh symbol, I was rewarded with a new, accurate display–sometimes. At other times the window flashed but the refresh date and temperature did not change. In the latter case I eventually learned to press the settings gear, Forget my wireless connection, and Add it again, password and all, in order to get the current weather forecast.
The weather app always displays the best information available. However, the latest forecast may have been downloaded a day or two earlier. The dropped connection is a quality of Internet access, which is not always available.