tablet review after three months

My 7″ Galaxy Tab 2 does three things really well: books, music and games. I am not so happy with Internet access, word processing or news and weather.
First the good news. With the Overdrive app I can reserve and download books from my local library and read the free classics available through I picked Les Miserables from the latter as a suitable companion for a long trip. With a little experimenting I learned to tap the left or right margin to turn a page and tap the center for control information such as the table of contents or font size.
When we returned home I tried downloading an ebook from the library. That was not easy because it involved scrolling around a web site designed for PC screens. The reference librarian helped me locate the link to ebooks and I began to search for something to read. Most of the ebooks available–mysteries or romances–were checked out. However, I put one on reserve. In a few weeks I was notified that my book was available. I could download the novel, read it, and return it to the library from the comfort of my easy chair.