tablet, reader or phone–oh, my!

Over the past year I have watched my husband switch from paper books to ebooks and find new uses for his iphone. I have a big old desktop computer with side speakers and a sub-woofer under the desk. My simple cell phone dials friends and times my tea. Occasionally I use it as an appointment minder or alarm clock. When my son gave me a Best Buy gift card for Christmas, I knew I was ready to pack ebooks for our next vacation.

Before shopping I decided to narrow down my options. I can not read the icon text on hubby’s iphone without my reading glasses, and arthritis in my thumbs would make texting painful. On the other hand a 10″ tablet would be too bulky to hold for an extended period. I decided to focus on 7″ readers and tablets–about the size of a paperback book. My total budget was $200.

The salesman at Best Buy helped me find the perfect pet: a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Internet access and a Kindle app. I expect to spend the next year learning what I can do with it.